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Jan Krouský - Law Office

Welcome to the websites of my attorney-at-law office, rendering comprehensive legal services to both Czech and “foreign” clients, private or corporate entities. Legal services are provided in form of drafting legal documents, contracts (including signature verification), legal statements and “memos”, acting on behalf of clients in business negotiations as well as in representing them in judicial or administrative proceedings.

While keeping the desired level of legal services, my aim is to render legal services and solve any problems in a flexible and “user friendly” manner, to provide clients with a complex service and to ensure maximal convenience of any client.

I am rendering legal services mainly in the area of Czech law, whereby in case of necessity, I am cooperating with a number of advocates abroad, mainly in the EU area. Thanks to my advanced knowledge of English and German legal services are frequently provided also in these languages, or more and more often bilingually, mainly when drafting bilingual contracts or other legal documents. In my practice, I am closely cooperating with the law firm Ostrý, Purkyt, Hruška Partners, as well as with many experienced specialists, accountants, Notary Publics, translators, auditors, sworn experts etc.

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